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Welcome to The Platinum Koi Tattoo Studio

Located in Huntsville, Alabama, The Platinum Koi Tattoo Studio is your destination for exceptional tattoo artistry in a state-of-the-art setting.

Our skilled tattoo artists come from diverse backgrounds, offering expertise in various styles from neo-traditional to photorealistic designs.

Commitment to quality and hygiene is paramount. We uphold rigorous standards to ensure a safe and satisfying experience for every client.

The name “The Platinum Koi” embodies our values—resilience, transformation, and uncompromising quality.

We don’t just create tattoos, we create lasting relationships. Become part of the Platinum Koi family and let us turn your vision into art.


Realism: From portraits to intricate landscapes, our artists excel in bringing real-world imagery to life on your skin.

Neo-Traditional: A modern twist on traditional tattoo designs, featuring bold outlines and a vibrant color palette.

Blackwork: For those who prefer the bold and timeless appeal of black ink, we offer complex geometric shapes, tribal patterns, and more.

Additional Services

Tattoo Consultations: Free initial consultations to discuss design, placement, and pricing.

Tattoo Repair & Cover-Ups: Skilled in tattoo modification and cover-ups, turning your past ink into a new masterpiece.

Ear Piercing: From lobe to industrial, we do it all with precision.

Facial Piercing: Nose, eyebrow, and lip piercings to add that extra edge to your look.

Body Piercing: Navel, nipple, and dermal piercings performed in a safe, hygienic environment.

Piercing Aftercare: Top-quality aftercare products and guidelines to keep your new piercing clean and healthy.

Upscaled Experience

Step into the Platinum Koi Tattoo Studio and you’ll instantly feel the difference—an upscale experience where cutting-edge artistry meets luxurious comfort. We go above and beyond your typical tattoo shop vibes, offering a clean, relaxed, and welcoming atmosphere. Premium inks, state-of-the-art equipment, and artists who are masters of their craft all come together to give you an experience that’s simply unmatched. Elevate your ink game with us. Ask about our exclusive membership!

"Insane talent, and the atmosphere is dope. These guys know what they're doing!"

Tasha W.

"Best cover-up work I've ever seen. Left the shop feeling like a whole new person!"

Marcus B.

"Quality ink, cool artists, and solid prices. What more could you ask for?"

Sarah F.

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Experience the art of tattooing like never before at The Platinum Koi Tattoo Studio. Located in the heart of Huntsville, AL, we’re not just a tattoo shop—we’re a creative sanctuary where self-expression meets craftsmanship. Our talented artists are here to bring your visions to life. Come vibe with us and leave with ink you’ll be proud of. Let’s make something beautiful together. 🌟

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