Natural Healing

Healing your tattoo should be a simple process.

Keep it washed, keep it moisturized!

What you’ll need:

Antibacterial soap- or any other cleansing product recommended by your artist. Remember, you’re fighting germs, not smell! Antibacterial soap is very important for keeping your tattoo clean and free of any bacteria.

Moisturizer- We carry tattoo aftercare products in studio! Our tattoo care products may give better healing properties as opposed to any normal product, but ideally, keep your skin moisturized! (non-scented lotion, A&D, Aquaphor, etc)

Hand wash your tattoo 2-3x daily. Let it air dry (towels and washcloths harbor a lot of bacteria). And apply a VERY THIN coat of ointment. -if the product were lotion, you would apply just enough for it to absorb into your skin, you would not walk around with white streaks going up your arm.

Do this as needed, avoiding your tattoo from drying out or scabbing.

Things NOT to do:

Avoid letting your tattoo touch foreign objects, as bacteria can be transferred from nearly any item.

Avoid swimming pools, lakes, oceans, and sun!

Excessive alcohol consumption directly after a tattoo can thin blood, increasing “weeping”, increasing your risk for infection

If you were to have a part scab or flake, do NOT pick at it. Let it heal.

If you believe you have any issues or a potential infection, contact your artist!! If you’re concerned enough, contact your primary care physician. We are artists, not doctors. We should be able to examine and give a thorough, professional opinion for what to do next, as most issues can be sorted out easily, but we carry no legal right to offering “medical advice” and recommend seeking out additional help if needed.

Do NOT ask your friends or google.. Ask your artist or a licensed physician

*Healing time- typically between 10-14 days, but can change pending amount of work, detail, and skin condition.

Derm Shield

Tattoo Derm Shield is a waterproof, breathable, clear layer that will cover your tattoo through most of your healing process. The wrap will allow your tattoo to heal in your own body plasma (your body trying to regrow the skin it sees “damaged”)

Leave the wrap on for 6 days. After the 6th day, remove the wrap under warm water, then gently washing it with dial antibacterial soap. Just moisturize regularly from there!

If the wrap were to start peeling off early, or filling up with too much plasma, contact your artist!

If you feel the wrap is causing a reaction with your skin, remove the wrap immediately and wash it really well. If there were any issues regarding skin sensitivity or allergic reaction, it will typically affect the entire area wrapped. An isolated area may not be a concern, just contact your artist for more instruction.

Piercing Aftercare

Rule of thumb: clean it, and leave it alone!

A fresh piercing should only be cleaned with sterile saline spray! 1-2x a day. We have saline solution available for purchase in studio.

Excessive chemicals in your solution could aggravate your piercing or delay the healing period. Avoid using products like bactine, contact solution, etc.

It is also possible to overclean, and still cause aggravation. 1-2 times a day will be sufficient.

A fine tip spray should offer enough spray power to clean your piercing without aggravating it or leaving any cotton fibers. Spray your piercing directly then use a paper towel to pat the surrounding area dry.

Try to avoid touching, twisting, moving, or removing your jewelry.

Your jewelry should stay put for at least 3-4 months after piercing. A hoop should not be used for 9 months to a year. The piercing needs to fully heal inside and out before you start changing the direction of its path.

We pierce with implant grade titanium and gold jewelry only. Once your body has accepted such a good quality, it can cause aggravation or sensitivity if you replace implant grade titanium with a lesser quality metal like stainless or surgical steel.


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