Our artists

Our artists have brought Huntsville some of the most cutting edge tattoos.

Our team of expert tattoo artists bring their unique perspectives to our studio.


Well-rounded in multiple styles, Rock has a very keen eye for hyper-realistic detail, and loves soft greywash blends.


Tony is very versatile, and appreciates all styles of tattooing, typically implementing multiple styles together to create a unique design, usually based around color realism


Taki is a professional piercer and licensed nurse, is very patient and careful with each client. She takes the time to speak with each client to ensure the safety and comfortability of the life of your new piercing.


BC is well adapt in both black and grey and color , very fine with linework, and unique creativity, but prefers black and grey illustrative realism!


Emily is a well rounded artist with very crisp linework. Enjoys doing neo-traditional and anime, specifically faces! Check out more of her work on her personal page!


Yana is a talented apprentice who has worked with many different styles! They love creating custom pieces that are just as unique as you. Check out more work on their personal page!


Well-rounded in multiple styles, Kelsey loves both color and black and grey work


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