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How should I care for my fresh tattoo?
Please review our aftercare instructions here
Do I need a consultation? I already know what I want! 
We are a professional studio of artists. We prefer to take a more custom approach in giving our clients our best work, personal to the client. The consultation is to make sure that you and the artist are on the same page of understanding, that this is a job that would be acceptable and we will all be proud of! If your artist thinks that another artist would be more fit for the piece, LISTEN!!  We want you to get the best experience, and will help guide you along the way!
I think my tattoo needs touched up.
Contact your artist via facebook, instagram, or email! We are ARTISTS! We want to make sure our work looks great! We have a 60 day touch-up policy, but still willing to touch it up at any point afterwards, certain works may involve a small cost, IF it is needed! Our artist are well experienced with their craft and how the operation goes. If you have a question about something, ask away, but please be open to trusting your artist’s professional opinion.
How bad will it hurt?
Everyone’s pain tolerance is COMPLETELY different! It can be as simple as “not even feeling it” and could be very intense feeling. Mindset is KEY!! Come in expecting a little pain, and to endure the pain, don’t try to escape it.
How do I know which artist to book? 
Each of our artists have a unique style to their work! It is best to browse through the artists’ work to get a better idea for whose style would best suit your liking! If you’re still unsure, send us your ideas  here  for our opinion!
Can I get tattooed if I’m sick?
NOOO!! Your body is a finely tuned machine, but still needs it’s maintenance! Getting tattooed while sick risks complications with overcoming your sickness, healing your tattoo, or spreading to your artist and their families.
Can I get tattooed while pregnant or breastfeeding?
Absolutely NOT!
You are the main supply of the child you are carrying. While healing, your immune system can become weakened, as you are “fixing” a problem with your body (healing the tattoo), which could cause a compromise, prioritizing one over another, or passing anything along to the child. It is not worth the risk, the tattoo can wait.
Can I be allergic to the ink?
YES! Our inks only come from licensed manufacturers, and mainly based from natural ingredients. Anyone can be allergic to, or build an allergy to, anything, at any age! Very low risk of having an allergic reaction, but it can still happen! If you believe you may have a reaction to a color, speak with your artist about doing a patch test first.
How should I care for my tattoo AFTER it’s healed?
Imagine a picture underneath a picture frame. The tattoo will remain pretty well the same, your skin gets damaged and less legible as you age! Staying healthy, keeping hydrated, keeping your skin moisturized, and avoiding excessive sun are all beneficial for a longer life of your tattoo, and your beautiful skin!
When can I change my jewelry?
A fresh piercing needs to be completely healed before you start messing with it!!
You can change to a straight bar after 3-4 months, hoops need 9 months to a year!
How often am I supposed to clean it?
1-2 times a day. Overcleaning will not allow your piercing to settle
Why can’t I be pierced with a hoop?
The needle creates a straight path, and should heal accordingly. Forcing a fresh, straight path into a irregular, curved motion can cause irritation and prolonged healing
Can I bring my own jewelry?
No, we only pierce with new, sterile, implant grade jewelry.
If you have a custom piece of high quality jewelry, you can book a consultation to come in and talk first. Some companies may list as “titanium” but are not implant grade.
What can I use to clean it?
STERILE SALINE ONLY!!! Using extra chemicals can cause more irritation to delay your healing. Avoid using bactine or any other chemicals other than a sterile saline spray.
We offer saline spray in the studio, or you can grab one (usually around the medical section) at any local pharmacy store.
Can I get pierced while pregnant or breastfeeding?
No. Refer to “tattoo” instructions


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